Brief History of Lumbini Buddhist University !

Lumbini Buddhist University

The first World Buddhist Summit held in Lumbini from 30th November to 2nd December,1998 proposed to establish a Buddhist university in Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, to impart standard education on Buddhist Philosophy, Literature and Culture, and the Lumbini Declaration, issued at the conclusion of the Summit, requested the Nepal government to take immediate action in this direction. Accordingly, the Lumbini Development Trust constituted a seven-member Preparatory Committee with Prof. Tulasi Ram Vaidya as convener and Ven. Sudarshan Mahasthavir, Ngawang Hoser Lama, Pt. Badri Ratna Bajracharya, Prof. Mohan Prasad Lohani, Prof. Tri Ratna Manandhar and Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya as members. Finally, on 14th Marga 2061 B.S. (29th November 2004), Lumbini Buddhist University was formally established with the promulgation of an Ordinance. Later in 2006, the Parliament approved the Ordinance with modifi cations as Lumbini Buddhist University Act (Lumbini Bauddha Vishwavidyalaya Ain 2063).

Following the People's Movement of 2006 (2062 - 63 B.S) the Legislative assembly Adopted an Act relating to the establishmentn of LBU, Lumbini in 2006 ( 2063 B.S).

The Act provides for the Prime Minister of Nepal as Chancellor of LBU and the Minister of Education, Nepal as Pro - Chancellor. The University's Vice Chancellor acts as Chief Executive who is assisted by the Registrar in financial and general adinistration and the Dean in academic programmes.

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  • Objectives

    1. To Propagate the teachings of Gautam Buddha for the promotion of peace, brotherhood, amity and understanding in the world

    2. To impart education relating to Buddhist religion, philosophy, literature and culture.

    3. To develop LBU as a Centre for intellectual interation among the Buddhist scholars of the world for the welfare of humanity at large.

    4. To enter into education and cultural agreements with local and intenational organizations for the promotion of Buddhist learning.

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  • Decision Making Bodies

    1. University Councili is the supreme decision-making body on policy making, budget, rules and regulations for managing the University.

    2. Executive Council implements operational decisions. It makes decision on grants, affiliation to private campuses and appointments of University officials.

    3. Academic Council makes decision on policies and practices regarding curricula, teaching, examinations and research.

    4. Research Committee formulates policies and programmes approves guidelines for researchers and co-ordinates the functions of University level research organisations.

  • Appointment of Vice Chancellor

    After the retirement of Prof. Triratna Manandhar, the second Vice Chancellor, the Chancellor at the recommendation of the selection committee formed by him, has appointed Prof. Naresh Man Bajracharya, Professor of Buddhist Studies, Tribhuvan University as the third Vice Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University. Prof. Bajracharya was the founder head of the Central Department of Buddhist Studies. Associated with various Buddhist associations, Prof. Bajracharya was a Fulbright scholar-In-Residence 2009-2010, in USA. Prof. Bajracharya joined the University as the Vice-Chancellor on November 9, 2014.

    Rev. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya

  • Message from the Vice Chancellor

    I would like to express Greetings to all concerned on the occasion of 10th Annual Day of Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU). LBU had already launched M.A. courses in six collages and a Ph.D. program successfully. As the newly appointed Vice Chancellor I would like pay my sincere thanks to them who had made their best attempts to bring LBU in this stage.

    In establishment of LBU in Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha, Nation and International Buddhist Community have an immense expectation to preserve Lumbini, to develop Lumbini and ultimately to spread out world peace through the Buddhist spiritual values and ethics.

    To fulfi l the immense expectation LBU must have a magnifi cent master plan and implementation accordingly. LBU would like to ensure that it will come up with a master plan soon. I do believe LBU will receive indispensable cooperation from all corners in implementation of the plan.

    Once again Greetings to all,

    Rev. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya


  • Ninth University Day

    LBU observed its ninth annual day by hosting a reception at the conference hall of the newly built Academic building of Lumbini Buddhist University on November 29, 2013. Present on the occasion were Hon. Vishnu Poudel (member Constituent Assembly), Chief District offi cer as chief Guests, Campus Chiefs, members of University Council namely Rev. Maitriya, Mr. Narayan Prashad Agrawal, Prof. Gitu Giri, Dr. Keshav man Shakya, Dr.Ramesh Dhungel, Dr. Kashi Nath Neupane, Dr. Sanu Bhai Dangol, and other dignitaries from Lumbini, Bhairhawa, Devadah, Butwal, Kathmandu and Palpa as guests. The program was chaired by Prof. Triratna Manandhar, the then Vice Chancelor.

  • UGC Supports Research Cell

    UGC (University Grant Commission) has granted one million rupees to establish and develop a research cell in Lumbini. The research cell is established in the ground fl oor of the Academic Building. With the economic assistance of UGC, Lumbini Buddhist University fl ourished and furnished the rooms of the cell with carpets, a round table, tables and chairs, bookselves and etc.

  • Ph. D. Awarded to Surendra Ghimire and Dipak Prashad Acharya

    Surendra Ghimire was awarded the Ph. D. degree on 16 January2013. He completed the thesis under the supervision of Prof. Vidyanath harma. The title of the thesis was Pedagogy in Buddhist Philosophy with special reference to Gumba Education. Dipak Prashad Acharya has become the third Ph. D. holder of Lumbini Buddhist University.

  • Library Training

    Mrs Kamala Sanjel Upreti (Administration Assistant) and Miss Anila Kumari (Administration Assistant) participated in the Training Course on Library Assistant Affi lated to Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, Nepal. The training course was organized by Health Net Nepal and was held during July 1 to September 7, 2014.

  • President of Sri Lanka Visits Lumbini Buddhist University

    President of Democratic Socialist Republic Sri Lanka His Excellency Mahinda Rajpaksh visited Lumbini Buddhist University on November 25, 2014. He has come to Nepal to participate in the SARRC Submit. Immediate after his arrival, His Excellency came to visit Lumbini the birth place of Shakyamuni Buddha. He visited Mayadevi temple, Shanti deep, inaugurated the bridge built at the economic support of the Government of Sri Lanka and visited the monastery there.

  • Korean Ambassador’s visit in LBU

    His Excellency Ambassador of South Korea to Nepal Mr. Choe, Yong- Jin visited Lumbini Buddhist University on 13 November 2014 in the university. It was a courtesy visit of His Excellency. Mr. Jin was welcomed by the authorities, teachers, staffs and students of LBU. His Excellency the Ambassador spoke on the socio-cultural background of South Korea and the progress it achieved during last 5o years. He also planted the ‘Bodhi tree’ within the premise of university.

  • Farewell to Former Vice Chancellor

    A formal ceremony was organized at the University offi ce in Sanepa on 10 November 2014 in honour of former Vice Chancellor Prof. Triratna Manandhar. He expressed hope that the new Vice Chancellor will continue the University academic programs, launched by him with great enthusiasm. The newly appointed Vice Chancellor Prof. Naresh Man Bajracharya expressed his gratitude towards the former Vice Chancellor and said that he will continue the academic programs with preparation of a master plan for the development of the university.

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