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Lumbini Buddhist University Master Plan

Buddhist Studies is one of the fast growing multi-facet academic disciplines which has something to cater everyone from all walks of lives. Besides traditional monastic education systems, the Buddhist Studies has been introduced in the Universities across the globe. From the inception of Lumbini Buddhist University in Lumbini, National and International Buddhist Communities have an immense expectation to develop and preserve Lumbini as source of inspiration for world peace through the Buddhist spiritual values and ethics. In order to actualize the vision and mission of the LBU and to fulfill the expectations of wider spectrum of Buddhist communities from home and abroad, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya, realized urgent need for a detailed Master Plan which comprises Academic Master Plan, Human Resources Master Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan and Financial Master Plan. With assiduous effort the LBU Master Plan Draft Committee, support of all the concerned stakeholders, national and international experts of Buddhist Studies LBU had been able to promulgate the Academic Master Plan after approval of 6th Senate Meeting of LBU held on 27th Jestha 2072.

Realizing an urgent need for developing a Master Plan, the Executive Council Meeting of 15th Magha 2071 decided to form a seven member LBU Master Plan Draft Committee 2071 comprising:

For the process of drafting the Academic Master Plan, the Master Plan Draft Committee appointed Mr. Karna Bahadur Maharjan as Program Coordinator and Mrs. Kamala Sanjel was assigned to provide necessary administrative support to the Master Plan Draft Committee. As Mr. Fanindra Kumar Neupane was involved in teaching at Central Campus, Lumbini he has been replaced by Mr Karna Bahadur Maharjan as a new member of the Master Plan Draft Committee.

Highlights of Academic Master Plan

Considering teaching and research as two vital components, the Master Plan Draft Committee set a high priority to develop a Draft Academic Master Plan with academic goals and strategic objectives so as to pave way for achieving academic excellence. In due course of preparation of the Draft Academic Master Plan Master Plan Draft Committee undertook series processes i) General internet survey of the Buddhist and other Universities and Institutions offering Buddhist Studies, ii) Interaction programmes with Buddhist Master, Scholars, Academician, and Stakeholders, iii) Focus-group meetings with stakeholders, academicians, subject experts from home and abroad seeking their opinions, suggestions and/or comments on different aspects of LBU's proposed Academic Master Plan.

Under the dynamic leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya, LBU promulgated Academic Master Plan which was endorsed by 6th Senate Meeting of LBU held on 27th Jestha 2072 in Kathmandu. The highlights of the LBU Academic Master Plan are as follows:

LBU Human Resources Master Plan

Qualified and well motivated human resources are crucial for successful implementation of its academic programmes, which ensure smooth transformation of LBU as an international centre of excellence. Hence the need for Human Resources Master Plan was realized more than ever before. Realizing the importance of human resources the LBU Master Plan Draft Committee formulated a Human Resources Master Plan with special focus on identification and figuring out specialized teaching faculties with specific and preferential skills/qualifications for smooth running of LBU's academic programmes. Accordingly Human Resource Master Plan was completed in the month of Asoj 2072. The main highlights of Human Resources Master Plan are as follows:

LBU Infrastructure Maser Plan

After the completion of Human Resources Master Plan, the Master Plan Draft Committee is now focusing on formulation of Infrastructure Master Plan with a broader objective to identify and figure out academic, administrative and recreational infrastructural requirements that enable LBU to realize the mission of LBU being an international centre of excellence in the Buddhist Studies. The specific objectives of Draft Infrastructure Master Plan are as follows: