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Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies

Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies has started MA programme in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies affi liated to LBU. A grand opening of the programme is scheduled to be presided by HH Fourteenth Shamar Rinpoche Chokyi Lodro scheduled in January 2013. The college has fi rst started bridge course for six weeks for its newly admitted Master’s students. Then after, the formal course was started. Opening of the programme was marked by an informal ceremony presided by Prof. Shanker Thapa, Dean of LBU. Mr. Lokesh Dhakal, CEO of Lumbini Academic Foundation and other academic staff were present on the occasion. At the opening programme, Prof. Thapa highlighted on the importance of Himalayan Studies run by the college. He also said that ‘Buddhism and Himalayan Studies’ is a programme fi rst of its kind in Nepal which focuses on Buddhism as well as religious culture, society, and anthropology of the entire Himalayan region. Dr. Ramesh Dhungel, Chief of the college expressed sincere thanks to LBU for permitting affi liation to conduct Master’s programme. He also viewed that this programme focuses on the Himalayan religion particularly within the periphery of Tibetan Buddhism., which will help us to know religion and society of Nepal and Tibet alike.

Lotus Academic College

Lotus Academic College organized an inauguration ceremony to start Master’s programme in Applied Buddhism on 23 July 2012. Buddhist scholars, Professors and other dignitaries were invited on the occasion. Prof. T. R. Manandhar VC of LBU inaugurated the programme. He extended his best wishes for the successful running of the class. He assured to facilitate the programme with all possible means. Dr. Bhadra Ratna Bajracharya, Chief of the College expressed gratitude to LBU for permission to run the Master’s programme in Applied Buddhism. Sri Satya Mohan Joshi, Chancellor of Nepal Bhasa Academy and an eminent cultural historian threw light on the importance of Applied Buddhism in our daily life.

Sugat Bouddha Mahavidyalaya

Nepal Buddhist Council took initiation to open Sugat Bouddha Mahavidyalaya in Lalitpur to conduct MA programme in Buddhist Studies (Mahayana Stream). It was formally inaugurated on 11 Aug. 2012 by the VC of LBU amidst a function attended by various Buddhist scholars, University authorities, educationists and the stakeholders. The guest speakers and college authorities expressed their commitment to run the programme and uplift academic standard of Buddhist Studies in Nepal. The Vice-Chancellor of LBU promised to extend full support to develop the College.

Boudha Multiple Campus

Boudha Multiple Campus, Boudha, Kathmandu has started MA programme in Buddhism and Peace Studies as an affi liated campus. The opening of the program was inaugurated by the VC of LBU on 6 Sept. 2012 amidst a brief program. He emphasized on the importance and need of the programme. Since it is the integration of themes like Buddhism, Confl ict and Peace, it is one of the courses introduced for the fi rst time in Nepal. Ms. Manu Humagain, Programme Chair, Mr. Hit B. Tamang, programme Advisor and Campus Chief Mr. Mohan Khatiwada highlighted on the signifi cance and need of peace education and its relevance to Buddhism. Mr. Kahatiwada expressed gratitude for the support provided by the local community of Boudha. Prof. Shanker Thapa, Dean of LBU was also present on the occasion.

Theravada Buddhist Academy

Theravada Buddhist Academy, New Baneshwor started Master’s programme in Theravada Buddhism amidst a grand function at Vishwa Shanti Vihara on August 18, 2012 with Ven. Aggamahapandita Bhadanta Nyanissara Mahasthavira (Sitagu Sayadaw), of Myanmar as the chief guest. Inaugurated jointly by Ven. Nyanissara Mahasthavira, Dr. Keshab Man Shakya (Minister of Environment) and Prof. T. R. Manandhar, VC of LBU, the function was participated by Ambassadors of Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand, and Buddhist dignitaries and academicians.

Dr. Suvarna Lall Bajracharya, Ven. Nigrodha and Mahendra Ratna Shakya spoke on the plans of the Academy in implementing the proposed Master’s level courses. Prof. Manandhar wished for successful implementation of the programme. Ven. Jnanapunnik, the Principal of the Academy opined that all the vehicles of Buddhism be integrated as the Buddhayana since they are based on Buddha’s teachings. Registrar of LBU Dr. Pitambar Lal Yadav and Dean Prof. Shanker Thapa were also present on the occasion.