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Council Meeting (7th August 2013)

The fourth meeting of University Council is held at Singha Darbar Hall under the chairmanship of Sri Khil Raj Regmi, Chairman, Council of Ministers and Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University. Vice Chancellor, Dr. Tri Ratna Manandhar highlighted on the progress made by the university during the last twelve months. Registrar, Dr. Pitamber Lal Yadav presented the estimated budget of 13,71,41,384/- for the fiscal year 2070/71. The Council unanimously endorsed the proposed budget, subject to its modification by the Executive Council on the basis of financial grant from University Grants Commission. Dean Dr. Bhadra Ratna Bajracharya presented details of academic activities of the university during the last year.

Addressing the meeting, Pro-chancellor and Education Minister, Sri. Madhav Poudel mentioned that the University should make qualitative research on Buddhism with special reference to archaeological studies of Lumbini and Tilaurakot (ancient Kapilavastu). Speaking from the chair, Chancellor and Chairman, Council of Ministers, Sri Khil Raj Regmi expressed hope that the university will be successful in disseminating Buddhist ideals and culture to the benefit of Nepal and Nepali people.

Members of the Council gave various suggestions for the upliftment of university in its academic activities.

Eleventh Annual Publication

Vol. VI No 1

Published on 30, November, 2015 ( 14, Marga, 2072 BS)

  • Message from the Vice Chancellor
  • 10th University Day
  • Handover Historical Documents to LBU
  • Land Acquision
  • Academic Activities
  • LBU Master Plan
  • Highlights of Master Plan
  • Master Plan Draft Committee
  • Center for International Affairs (CIA)
  • Upgrading Research Cell to Research Division
  • LBU Senate Meeting
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Tenth Annual Publication

Vol. V No 1

Published on 30, November, 2014 ( 14, Marga, 2071 BS)

  • Message from the Vice Chancellor
  • Appointment of Vice Chancellor
  • Ninth University Day
  • Construction Activities in LBU
  • Construction Process for Boys and Girls Hostel starts
  • Nomination in the Faculty Board
  • Ph.D. Awarded to Surendra Ghimire and Dipak Prashad Acharya
  • Nomination of University Council Members
  • President of Sri Lanka Visits LBU
  • Korean Ambassador's Visit in LBU
  • Farewell to Formar Vice Chancellor
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Ninth Annual Publication

Vol. IV No 1

Published on 29, November, 2013 ( 14, Marga, 2070 BS)

  • Fourth Meeting of University Council
  • Eight University Day
  • Meeting with Bournemokuth University Team
  • Inspection of Academic Building
  • Interaction with intellectuals
  • Appointment of Dean
  • Appointment of Campus Chief
  • Participation in 11th National Buddhist Conference, Rajbiraj
  • Formation of Research Committee
  • Appointment in Executive Council
  • First Ph.D.Holder of LBU
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Eighth Annual Publication

Vol. III No 1

Published on 29, November, 2012 ( 14, Marga, 2069 BS)

  • Seventh University Day Observation
  • Third University Council Meeting
  • Appointment of Registrar
  • Construction of Academic Complex at Lumbini
  • Participation in the International Seminars
  • Research Methodology Wordshop
  • MNaster's Programmes Inaugrated
  • Third University Council Meeting
  • Academic Council Constituted
  • Nomination in the Executive Council
  • Formation of Second University Council
  • Lumbini Buddhist University Council
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Seventh Annual Publication

Vol. II No 1

Published on 30, November, 2011 (14, Marga 2068 BS)

  • Message from Vice Chancellor
  • Sixth Annual Day Celebration
  • Second University Council Meet
  • Nomination in NNCU
  • Construction of Academic Building
  • Memorandums of Understanding Signed
  • Deligation from Jina University
  • LBU Delegation Visits China
  • Memo Signed with Ba Daling Great Wall Council
  • Participation in International Symposiums
  • Gautam Buddha International Peace Award
  • Donation of Books
  • Research Methodology Workshop
  • Policy on Affilliation
  • Miscellaneous
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Sixth Annual Publication

Vol. I No 1

Published on 30, November, 2010 (14, Marga 2067 BS)

  • Brief History of LBU
  • Appointment of VC, Registrar and Dean
  • Initial Activities of LBU
  • Renovation of University Building at Lumbini
  • First Meeting of University Council
  • Donation of Books
  • Ph.D. Programme of LBU
  • Research Methodology Workshop
  • Resource Persons in the Proposal Defense
  • Lumbini Workshop on Curriculum of BA and MA in Buddhist Studies
  • MOU with Jinan University, Guangzhou
  • Orientation Programme
  • Interaction Programme at Lumbini
  • International Seminar in Guangzhou, China
  • International Seminar in University of Delhi
  • Participation in the UN Vesak Day 2010
  • International Conference on Theravada Buddhism
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