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Student Statistics 2014

University/Campus Level No. Of Students
Dean’s Offi ce, LBU Ph. D. 100
Central Campus, Lumbini M.A. 53 + 33 = 86
Lotus Academic College M.A. 14 + 13 = 27
Lumbini College of Buddhism And Himalayan Studies M.A. 13 + 12 = 25
Boudha Multipal Campus M.A. 9 + 5 = 14
Sugat Boudha Mahavidyalaya M.A. 8 + 6 = 14
Theravada Buddhist Academy M.A. 31 + 15 = 46

Academic Council Constituted

Prime Minister and Chancellor of LBU Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai has nominated Dr. Ranjana Bajracharya and Dr. Kashi Nath Neupane as members of the Academic Council for three years. These nominations are made on the recommendation of the Executive Council as per the LBU Act. Dr. Bajracharya is the coordinator of Buddhist Studies program at Padma Kanya Campus, T.U., and Dr. Neupane is the Head of the Department of Buddhist Philosophy at Nepal Sanskrit University.

Nomination in the Executive Council

On the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor of LBU, Prime Minister and Chancellor Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai has appointed Sri Gajendra Kumar Lama as a member of the Executive Council for three years. Mr. Lama is a Buddhist scholar and the former Vice Chairman of Lumbini Development Trust.

Similarly, on the recomendation of the Vice Chancellor of LBU, Chancellor and chairman of council of ministers Mr. Khil Raj Regmi has appointed Campus Chief Dr. Ramesh Dhungel as a member of Executive Council.

Formation of Second University Council

Prime Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, in his capacity as the Chancellor has nominated twentyfour new members in the University Council. As per the university act, these nominations are made on the recommendation of the Executive Council. The nominated members include two vice chancellors from other universities, two campus chiefs from affi liated campuses, ten distinguished persons from fi ve development regions, seven representatives from different reputed Buddhist organizations, two from among the donators, and one from social service sector. The tenure of the Council members is three years.

Apart from the nominated members, there are ex-offi cio members in the university council, which include university authorities (Vice Chancellor, Registrar, and Dean), representatives of Nepal government (member of National Planning Commission, Secretaries from the ministries of Education, Finance, and Culture), Chairman of UGC, Vice Chairman of LDT, Regional Administrator of western region, and others. Prime Minister is the chairman and Education Minister is the vice chairman of the University Council.

The University Act has a provision to nominate fi ve members from the Legislative - Parliament. These members will be nominated after the formation of Legislative - Parliament in Nepal.