Buddhist religion, philosophy, literature and culture.


Under Graduate Courses

Bachelor of Arts-BA

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a course designed by Lumbini Buddhist University to enhance students’ conceptual and

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Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BALLB)

In order to make legal education compatible with changed national and international context, Lumbini Buddhist

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Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management

The nation is undergoing a glorious period in the history of our business. As the economy develops and the per

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Bachelor in Sowa Rigpa Medicine (Tibetan Buddhist Medicine)

Are you ready to begin your journey towards becoming a Sowa Rigpa Doctor?  

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BA in Buddhist Studies and Humanities

The course of study is designed to provide a Academic knowledge of Bachelor Level in Buddhist Studies and

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Graduate Courses

M Sc. in Construction Engineering Management

The programme is designed to meet the demand within the Construction Management industry with advanced skills. The

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M Sc. in Disaster Risk Engineering Management

Lumbini Buddhist University launches ‘M.Sc in Disaster Risk Engineering and Management’ program. It is

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MA in Museology and Buddhist Collections

The main objectives of the courses are to impart students with  theoretical knowledge and practical skills in

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MA in Buddhism and Peace Studies

Overall objective of the Research Methodology is to make student capable to perform indepth research

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MA in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies

The course aims to impart the students knowledge on general Buddhist Philosophy and traditions. It helps them

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MA in Applied Buddhism

This course is designed to impart knowledge and development of Buddhism in general. Its’ objective is to make

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MA in Mahāyāna Buddhism

This course aims at students without previous knowledge of Mahāyāna Buddhism. It provides an introduction to

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MA in Theravada Buddhism

The Master of Arts in Theravada Buddhism is intended for students who wish to demonstrate a knowledge of Theravada

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Post Graduate Courses

PGD in Traditional Nepalese Art

Introduction Art is the expression of creative mind. It not only reflects the creativity of the artist but also

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PGD in Yogic Science and Buddhism

The Buddha’s eightfold path leading to the cessation of suffering and Patañjali’s classical eightfold yoga were

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PGD in Library, Information Science and Buddhist Archival Management

The eighth senate of Lumbini Buddhist University has endorsed the master-plan of the university during

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PGD in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological

The objectives of these courses are to impart the students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skill in

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PHD in Buddhist Studies

Academic Advisor and Mentoring Committee Each student entering the Ph.D. program will select an Academic Advisor

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