Buddhist religion, philosophy, literature and culture.

Bachelor is Sowa Rigpa Medicine (Himalayan Buddhist Medicine)

The program will train students to become fully qualified Amchis – doctors of Sowa Rigpa. The first 4.5 years will be classroom based, followed by a 1 year clinical internship with senior doctors in the Kathmandu area. Core Sowa Rigpa courses will follow tradition, taught by with highly qualified Sowa Rigpa doctors at a level equivocal to Sowa Rigpa medical programs in Tibet and India. However, this college is unique in that it also incorporates additional training in as essential aspects of modern medicine necessary for an effective clinical practice in the modern world. Studies in herbal pharmacology will also include training in GMP production, and issued in ecological sustainability.

English will be the primary medium of study. As the subject and source materials and are all in Tibetan, there will also be a strong emphasis on developing fluency in classical Tibetan language. The BSM degree is accredited through Lumbini Buddhist University, and offers a degree recognized in Nepal and by educational institutions worldwide.

The first four and a half years are divided into nine semesters, offering a comprehensive training in theoretical and practical studies of the Gyud Zhi (Four Medical Tantras). This will be complimented by courses on essential aspects of modern medicine, as well as other subjects such as Buddhism, Tibetan language and astrology.


Upon successful completion of the academic portion of the program, students will complete a one year clinical internship, with the first six months in a Sowa Rigpa clinic inside Nepal. The second six months of the internship can be completed in Nepal or at a Sowa Rigpa clinic abroad.