Buddhist religion, philosophy, literature and culture.

Post Graduate Courses

PGD in Traditional Nepalese Art

Introduction Art is the expression of creative mind. It not only reflects the creativity of the artist but also environment and situations where the

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PGD in Yogic Science and Buddhism

The Buddha’s eightfold path leading to the cessation of suffering and Patañjali’s classical eightfold yoga were taking shape simultaneously. The

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PGD in Library, Information Science and Buddhist Archival Management

The eighth senate of Lumbini Buddhist University has endorsed the master-plan of the university during ameetingheldat the Prime Minister’s

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PGD in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological

The objectives of these courses are to impart the students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skill in Archaeological Explorations,

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PHD in Buddhist Studies

Academic Advisor and Mentoring Committee Each student entering the Ph.D. program will select an Academic Advisor before classes begin. The Advisor

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