Buddhist religion, philosophy, literature and culture.

Prof. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya

Vice-Chancellor - Lumbini Buddhist University


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  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 15:00
  • Sunday - Saturday: Only Appointment

Prof. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya

Vice-Chancellor – Lumbini Buddhist University

The Vice-chancellor will be the full-time Chief Executive of the Lumbini Buddhist University. So as to prescribe for arrangement to the post of Vice-Chancellor, a council comprising of two individuals from the Senate will be constituted by the Chancellor under Chairperson-ship of the Pro-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor will be designated by the Chancellor on the suggestion of the board. The term of office of the Vice-Chancellor will be of four years. Without the Vice-Chancellor, his capacities will be done as accommodated by the Chancellor. At show Prof. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya is Vice-Chancellor of LBU.


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Excellent environment

I feel humbled to be a part of LBU “It is amazing to witness endeavors of an institution that has worked undeterred, in high spirit and selflessly towards changing the face of college education in Nepal. LBU is one of those rare institutions. I feel humbled to be a part of it.”With great friends by my side, amazing seniors to look up to and wonderful teachers,LBU has created an excellent environment for me.

Ananta Gyawali

Many opportunities and best experiences

LBU BBTM is a course which include many opportunities and best experiences. To study this course is very fruitful and interesting. As tourism industry is income generating industry all over the world. There are several opportunities in this course as well as sharing of culture, happiness ,knowledge among the people

Sandhya Regmi